Are YE style ready?

COVID 19 has changed us all. What a year! Our daily routines came to a halt and forced us to change our lives.

To survive this pandemic, all industries have implemented changes, whilst continuing to uphold their highly reputable services, including those in the world of fashion. Many of us needed to work from home and were restricted in our social activities, changing the way we dress, with many of us still in that position now.

What’s YE style now?

Popping into town to make a quick purchase used to be easy. You could quickly grab what you needed and rush back out with it. It might not have been the best quality but it was with you, it fit and you didn’t need to wait for it. Now, there’s no popping into town for a quick fashion fix. Instead you have to don a face mask (assuming you can find where you’ve put it) make sure you’ve sanitised your hands and, if they allow you in, stay two metres apart from the next person in the shop. It’s not very convenient at all. Fast fashion is not fast; it’s a chore. Is a quick low quality t-shirt worth the trip? Fashion is changing and our needs our changing too. We need better quality clothing which is long lasting and comfortable to wear.

Pandemic preventing restrictions are now keeping us at home. Many of us used to choose style over comfort. Now comfort is our style. With so many companies adapting to the needs of the nation, trends have transformed and lounge wear has styled up. Hoodies and joggers are our new firm favourites. Our styles our changing. Even our faces need fashion.

Face masks have become the world’s number one fashion accessory. An essential accessory offering a collaboration between style and safety. We can protect our loved ones and protect ourselves making sure we look good doing it. Mandatory face coverings in many countries have paved the way for brands and their designers to include them in their catwalk collections. We’re all in need of this essential item and we all want one which meets our fashion needs. Who would have thought we’d be wearing face masks as an essential part of our daily life? Our fashion arrival into 2020 is definitely not the way we’ll be departing from it.

How has the pandemic affected your fashion choices? What will you be wearing mostly as we transition into 2021? What’s your style?

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