The Festive season is around the corner with many of us already wondering if we’ll be able to celebrate the same way as the years before. Today we take a dive into how things will be different for many of us during the Christmas period and how COVID 19 has changed our holidays.

The impacts of Covid 19 have been far and widespread, with most of the public experiencing hardships and difficulties over the last 9 months, and with this being said, we’ve all been looking forward to Christmas this year as a time to get together with our loved ones and cherish the moments we were not able to create throughout the year.

Many of us already know that, with the pandemic still in the air, it will be likely smaller family gatherings dominate and for some, even a year off from big Christmas parties. Heck! We know there’ll be less kissing under the mistletoe for sure! With preparations underway, from the turkey to the gifts under the tree, another thing we must prepare for is this year’s Christmas shopping experience: how different it will be from our normal expectations.

Shop till we drop? Maybe not this year. Shopping centres, high streets and malls usually become magnets at this time of the year luring us in to shop for our loved ones, friends and colleagues! But gift buying seems to have changed this year and the Christmas shopper’s experience will likely follow suit. According to Accenture, 80% of shoppers plan to source presents online this Christmas, which is set to increase pressure on retailers like never before. The shift to digital has made the whole shopping experience easier and more stress free, from next day deliveries to prepaid returns, it’s all literally at our fingertips. However, isn’t the excitement of entering into the fun filled flurry all part of the Christmas experience we know and love?

There may be light at the end of the COVID tunnel. The Telegraph reported Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said "We all want some kind of Christmas, we need it, we certainly feel we deserve it. So to allow families to come together, while minimising the risk, we're working with the devolved administrations on a special time-limited Christmas dispensation, embracing the whole of the United Kingdom”.

If all non-essential shops are allowed to stay open, one begs the question, shop till we drop? Oh I think we will.

Let us know in your comments below telling us how Christmas has changed for you and what you will be doing differently this year. Smaller Turkeys for us!